My Dogs in this Fight…

I’m not here to incite a riot, nor to inflame my readers. Think of this post as a note, a personal one, that I have chosen to write in hopes of retrieving data from my subconscious. I’m trying to understand that slap I incurred earlier this week. It came out of nowhere. My face recovered, my soul? No. I’m digging deep within me to find forgiveness. Actually, if I consider the faux pas, I remember its source, therefore I do not own this. Empathy and sadness generate my wish to type. I am thankful I can feel this pain. I understand true bravery is found upon a battlefield and not by a microphone, audience and multiple, hefty bank accounts.

Donald Trump. John McCain.  Stars and Stripes. American Veterans. Prisoners of War. Casualties of War. Taxpayer dollars. The cost of Freedom. A bone spur. Numerous draft deferments. The safety of ‘privilege.’ Moral bankruptcy. Financial bankruptcy. Reorganization of debts. Educated. Ignorant. Inept. Clueless. Careless. Egotistical. Arrogant. Vietnam. All wars. Diplomacy. Brotherhood. Navy. Marine Corps. Army. Air Force. Airmen. U.S.S. Forrestal, Aircraft Carrier. Troops on the ground. A knock on the door. Phone calls. Twenty-one Gun Salutes. Folded United States flags. Recipients. Caskets draped with our Stars and Stripes. Napalm. Screaming. Burnt flesh. Agent Orange. My father. Brother. Uncle. Friends. Classmates. Boyfriend. Torture. Sacrifice.

I’m headed to rest my noggin. The neurons are screaming, raging war within me in hopes that I might find justice and peace within my racing thoughts. Tonight I sleep in peace, inspired by the thousands who bravely fought to keep our flag flying.  Yet, I also will slumber knowing Donald Trump dismisses John McCain’s P.O.W. experience.  Does he know that Senator McCain refused to leave until another P.O.W. was allowed his freedom?  Does he even care?


~ by coffeegrounded on July 23, 2015.

22 Responses to “My Dogs in this Fight…”

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  2. Beautifully said. Regarding Donald Trump, apparently anything goes in the new GOP. I believe Dwight Eisenhower was the last great Republican.

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    • Those guys have shot themselves in the foot. Actually, both Houses of Congress have roasted the American people over the coals. Everyone of us, Democrat or Republican, should petition for Term Limits!

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  3. Donald Trump has too much money and too much time on his hands. He is trying to make a fool of the American people just like our current “leader”. That is my opinion.

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    • Bingo! Well said.

      Whenever I hear, “His numbers are up”. I ask myself, whose doing the polling?


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    • I suppose there are some people that like Trump. I do like some of the things he is saying as far as America needing to get back on track, but he has no good solutions. He is just blowing out his nose. If he spends his own money, he probably gets a tax break for it.

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    • I think I’ll see if Mark Cuban is interested in taking him on…now that would be interesting!!!!!

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    • Sorry, I am afraid I don’t know the name Mark Cuban. I can’t keep up with all of the names, :-D

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    • Oh Sweetie. He is on the show, Shark Tank. He also owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. He is quick and a no-nonsense sort of guy. Feisty, but very intelligent. He could dance circles around Donnie Trumphet…(that’s a nickname I think I’ll use for Mr. Blowheart). ;)

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    • Lol! Okay. I haven’t seen Shark Tank. I think maybe my son watches it now and then. And I am not much of a sports fan. Maybe he would be a good runner up! Go Mark! :-D

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  4. Trump inherited “his” money from a very wealthy daddy who let his spoiled son feel entitled. Trump had multiple draft deferments so he never served in the US military. My father served in WWII. My husband is a Vietnam Vet. I was an anti-war protestor but also a citizen who worked tirelessly to bring about the 26th amendment which lowered the voting age to 18. If a person is old enough to go to war, and perhaps die, on behalf of our country, that person is old enough to vote. There is a large contingent of our military who serve in our armed forces but are not US citizens. Trump is not in that group either. Trump does not represent the values of this country no matter which side of the aisle one occupies. He is the worst kind of person – one who uses his wealth and position to hide behind while promoting only himself.
    I do not support John McCain’s politics but his heroism cannot be denied. He served and he continues to serve. Honorable and heroic.

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    • Every time Trump opens his mouth more absurdity falls from it. Watching this evenings news was almost laughable. I was simply too busy rolling my eyes and shaking my head as I listened and watched his failed attempt to unite with the Border Patrol Union. Seems he took a hasty retreat once he discovered that the invite had been retracted per request from President Obama.

      I wonder, is he headed back to FantasyLand to initiate legal action against the President, or the Border Union? (Ignore me, I’m jesting.)

      Seems nothing is off limits to D.T. “Blowing up the oil fields of Iraq….” What cave was he hiding inside of when the Kuwait oil fields were ablaze? What part of that disaster, and failed attempts to contain those fires, did he miss?

      As they say, here in the South, “The man’s off the wall!”

      Please thank your husband for serving our Country.


    • I will. Thank you, Margie.

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    • 💝


  5. She was indeed!


  6. When it comes to Mr. Trump I’m trying hard to remember something my mamma always told me…..consider the source.
    Throughout history rich people have always had a sense of privilege, that they could say and do anything. So I consider the source and make my battles elsewhere.

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  7. One of the questions I hear quite often from VietNam Veterans is, “Why did John Mc Cain gain weight in a prisoner of war camp when everyone else was starving?” No, I don’t know if it’s true nor do I know the implications, all I know is that I wouldn’t last 2 days in a POW camp.

    That question, and a searing hatred for Jane Fonda defined a generation of veterans. One day perhaps we’ll know the answers and be astounded.

    With Donald Trump, we’re continually astounded.

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    • I have no knowledge of John McCain’s P.O.W. camp weight gain. What seared my soul was his coming forward and expressing to Donald Trump that he did not require an apology, but he hoped one would be forthcoming for all the other American P.O.W.’s.

      Jane Fonda and John Kerry, did voice their opposition quite often, and openly. I did so within the walls of my own home. As a 16 year old teenager I was appalled by what I saw on the evening news. The daily body counts. My brother’s enlistment. My father railed upon me, I screamed back, “He’s our only brother!” I aged, saw classmates return home in body bags. Two cousins, both brothers, among them. I continued to be against the war, but I was never against the pawns of war, our soldiers. My anger lay with Washington, not the military. NEVER!

      Donald Trump is a savvy businessman. He goes unfiltered and spews forth knowing that few can match his wealth, and therefore, feels emboldened and empowered. Personally, I don’t see him as a train wreck barreling out of control, but as a messianic for folks who bleed for change and know the man as a symbol of great wealth. D.T. speaks “all-knowingly,” that chatter is old, not only from his mouth, but from the Halls of our Congress, where there has been little ‘give and take.’ Fifteen, or is it now sixteen, contenders vying for the Republican nomination? (They haven’t been that busy in the past six years!).

      But back to my original post. And I will always admit this. I am red, white and blue. Donald Trump was so out-of-line when he made that comment about John McCain’s, P.O.W. imprisonment. The man is clueless about courage and sacrifice as a soldier of our country. He is no doubt a phenomenal ‘chess player,’ knowing the strategic moves and alliances to financial gain and personal wealth, but I fear he believes he can navigate effectively the ranks of the global financial wizardry. I choose not to be a pawn within his history. Last time I checked, the United States was still a Democracy. We desperately need some ‘spit and shine’ to spiff up this place, but personally, I do not find Donald as my ticket for the rebuilding of our Nation.



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