Hump Day Hi-Jinx

Sometimes being clueless is priceless…then there are times when “Being in the know,” is mind-blowing!

Get the low-down on my daily barometer. Buffalo Tom Peabody is my advisor.


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Here is the most recent photo from Buffalo Tom and Gunther… Somewhere out there on vacation…


Happy Hump Day!
Your best friend,


Remember, if you can’t say something nice… put it in a Haiku2!
Coming to a city near you…


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie

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~ by coffeegrounded on July 29, 2015.

13 Responses to “Hump Day Hi-Jinx”

  1. Buffalo Tom Peabody, can I ride the Haiku2 Campaign bus? I can see Russia from the Trump Tower and on a clear day, I can see Dallas from Fort Worth.

    My eyewitness reporting skills are exemplary! I see double and wreak havoc by inaccurately reporting my depth of field perception.

    I’m ready for the campaign trail.

  2. GUNTHER!! If Iggy is buying all this stuff on the internet – take his credit card away – NOW!!

    • Definitely! But give me the bus. I need it for my campaign trail adventures.

    • I’ll be using the bus on weekends, it’s all yours during the week! Thanks for reblogging my post! And remember, when you’re in the market for a new coffee pot…BUY BUNN!
      ^^ IGGY ^^

    • Yes. Commercial-grade, only! I don’t need that orange lipped decanter though. I drink only the high-octane fuel. De-caf is some strange science experiment that went horribly wrong.

    • I agree about the decaffeinated! Blah! In reality, I am a fiend for strong coffee, I love espresso and everyone else in the coffee family… Except decaffeinated. 😊🍵

    • Lol! As you know my last name is Rattlebottom-Bunn. .. The Bunn coffee pot fortune is endless and I don’t even like coffee. (By the way, the Rattlebottom’s are poor and gassy but extremely good looking.)
      ^^ IGGY ^^

    • And YOU are a prime example? Uh-oh… O_o

    • Lol! All of the coffee has made us really short but in Monkey Circles… We are drop dead gorgeous! My twin brother, Runyon Rattlebottom-Bunn is a Madison Avenue underwear model!👍🙈
      ^^ IGGY^^

    • You two be careful out there on the street! Tidy-whites or boxers, it matters not when traversing that maze called, New York City. You are liable (your brother, too), of being snatched up by those crazy rabid-bitten females from that TV show, ‘Housewives!’

    • Runyon loves all the attention. I’m the nerdy one. Ever since the success of the film “Every Which Way But Loose” starring Clyde the orangutan… Runyon has been dreaming of becoming a Hollywood star. 😎🌟🐵
      ^^ IGGY

    • LOL!

    • LOL!!!!!!!!!

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