Hump Day Hi-Jinx

Sometimes being clueless is priceless…then there are times when “Being in the know,” is mind-blowing!

Get the low-down on my daily barometer. Buffalo Tom Peabody is my advisor.


Buffalo Tom Peabody's Blog 1






Here is the most recent photo from Buffalo Tom and Gunther… Somewhere out there on vacation…


Happy Hump Day!
Your best friend,


Remember, if you can’t say something nice… put it in a Haiku2!
Coming to a city near you…


The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie

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~ by coffeegrounded on July 29, 2015.

13 Responses to “Hump Day Hi-Jinx”

  1. GUNTHER!! If Iggy is buying all this stuff on the internet – take his credit card away – NOW!!

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  2. Buffalo Tom Peabody, can I ride the Haiku2 Campaign bus? I can see Russia from the Trump Tower and on a clear day, I can see Dallas from Fort Worth.

    My eyewitness reporting skills are exemplary! I see double and wreak havoc by inaccurately reporting my depth of field perception.

    I’m ready for the campaign trail.

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