Tangle me within your mystery…


The majestic Orbs are back…webbing themselves against the very exterior that was challenged by suds, jet-sprays of water and the swipe of a mop end just yesterday.

Determined.  Undefeated.  Casting their net against the hottest heat of the mid-day sun. Today I captured their tummy sides.  Beautiful.  Spellbinding.  These frantic little engineers are on a mission and will not allow the minor inconvenience of a woman’s mop, the suds and flush of a jet sprayer to deter them.  They will create their splendor before our eyes for one more day.

Meet the Orb.  Hopefully, soon I will be able to correctly and fully identify which Orb family he is relative to, until then, check their beauty from the safety of your monitor.


image image image

image image image



~ by coffeegrounded on August 9, 2015.

4 Responses to “Tangle me within your mystery…”

  1. Are they as gigantic as they look?

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  2. I wouldn’t want them crawling on me but they are interesting creatures as long as they are outdoors. I get spiders on my patio stringing their webs every fall. They have very interesting striped legs. I call them my “Pippi long stockings”.

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    • I find the large, beautifully colored spiders interesting, but the little ones set me on high alert. They are masterful speed demons!

      I just can’t bring myself to kill these particular spiders. I’ve been busy packing up my in-laws home, digging into closets and drawers that have not been opened in no telling how long! I’ve yet to come across a spider or bug. I think that armory brigade from outside is watching out for me. LOL!


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