“All Lives Matter!”

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Safety, Service and Security





~ by coffeegrounded on August 31, 2015.

13 Responses to ““All Lives Matter!””

  1. My Texas grandson is an Allen police officer. A few days ago he and two others of the Allen Color Guard drove to Houston and joined 1100 others from around America in honoring a Harris County officer.

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  2. Congratulations to your son-in-law, and you are right today is one of the toughest times for law enforcement offices in the field…on an already high-stress, high-risk job. Wish you all well.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful post.

      It will take all of us working together to change the direction this country is moving toward. I know all of us are weary, but no one can give up and throw in the towel. We have to force Washington to listen to us. If they refuse to implement term limits then it is time we came together to show them how we will implement it for us. VOTE!

      Job growth, education, we all have to invest in this. Mentoring does not require a degree of higher education. It requires time, and a love of sharing something you personally enjoy. Share your joy and it will be multiplied. Endlessly.

      Get to know your neighbors. Look out for one another. Be present when someone needs a helping hand, don’t wait for “the asking” or the request for help. Live as our parents and our grandparents lived. Be on the doorstep before it opens.

      I’m ranting. I apologize. My greatest fear is that people don’t know what to do at times such as these, but don’t lose hope. There are far more good people in this world, than bad. It’s time we focused on the remedies rather than on the exploits.

      Again, thank you for kind words.


    • Yes indeed, “There are far more good people in this world, than bad.” and that is what keep me optimistic.

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  3. Too many people jump to the conclusion that “all” are bad when something goes awry. Mob mentality sparks immediately and a “Call to Justice” is rendered by the vigilantly assorted mass that take to the streets. I look at Ferguson, Missouri as an example. So many people took to looting and rioting, destroying property as an expression of their anger. Sadly, many of the business owners were the backbone of the community, the friends, neighbors, but when all hell broke loose, that reality was a mere after thought.

    I refuse to make this a black or white issue. It is a social issue and one that affects each and every United States citizen.


  4. Whatever happened to, “To protect and serve.” ???

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    • I used the quote that the California Highway patrol car had on it.

      My son-in-law graduated in June from the Academy.

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    • Wondering if they taught him to protect and serve???? Did he give you any insights about what he learned at the academy?

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    • No doubt they did.

      Sadly, all of a sudden our uniformed officers are targets. I can’t imagine the amount of adrenaline and stress that rushes thru their body each time they have to respond to a call.

      I never thought I would see the day where people would become so blatantly disrespectful of a uniform, but then I never thought I’d see the day where I’d live under a Governing body as we do today.

      Suddenly too many people want to blame the officers, and yes, I do agree that some officers have DEFINITELY overstepped their boundaries. Should that be reason to call for ‘Open Season’ upon all of them?

      Why don’t we just sit back and blame society as a whole? We, after-all are the stewards that turned our heads when a crisis appeared.

      I substitute taught in our district. Government bureaucracy took my efforts to reprimand and admonish a child right out of my hands. God forbid that I had a student that threw a chair or punched another student. I wrote reports and reported students, but was I to confer with the parent(s)? No, absolutely not! It was the districts means of circumventing a possible lawsuit.

      Kids today are taught that the only people they have to answer to are their folk(s). BULLSHIT! If we are going to raise a respectful society they must learn to abide by the rules. PERIOD! Granted, here we go again, some rules are not fair; there will always be circumstances that dictate another point of direction. But we each have to take responsibility for our own actions and reactions, do we not?

      I see so many people that want to do nothing more than scream and BITCH because Johnny isn’t being treated fairly. I also see the flip side, the mentors, tutors and educators that creatively try to spark interests into these kids, in hopes of allowing them to see the power they hold within themselves.

      Yes, today I am ranting and raging. When a Texas Sheriff pulls in to fuel up his police car and is cold-blooded and heinously murdered for no apparent reason, I’m going to let my feathers fly!

      This nations problems have been exasperated by a President that wants to show that he can equal out the odds. Well, history has proven, time and again that it is impossible to appease ALL. Edward Gibbon’s book, THE DECLINE and fall of the ROMAN EMPIRE, shows us classic examples of well-intended, misguided crowds believing the glory days would allow them a place at the table. All it would take would be to convince the mere serfs of the illusion, the powers-that-be, thought. But when nothing was left, what became of , The Greatest Empire, ever?

      Free cell phones, subsidies for-this-or-that, food stamps, The WIC Program, are excellent approaches at aiding those in great need, but where are the job training centers, the educational resources, and seriously, where and whom do we need to blame? I start at the top, President Obama, every Republican and every Democrat in Congress. We can talk about bullies until those DAMN cows come home, but which group will walk across the aisle, put on the coveralls, unite, and go and round up the herd?

      So J., what did they train him, was it to “Protect and Serve?” Under the auspices of their motto, “Safety, Service and Security,” I believe they did. They simply used an updated strategic play on the rhetorical.


    • I so despise the word “training” when we’re talking about education. (Like, the doctor was “trained.”–did he get a treat when pushing the right medicine?)

      This would have made a great blog, and I recommend that you give it the separation from the reply box that it deserves.

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    • Thank you, J.

      Sadly, this whole situation sits a little too close to home these days. While watching the news there has been another officer murdered in the Chicago area.


    • Forgot to mention–there are good and bad on both sides of the fence and people who strive to adhere to the US Constitution ranging from ultra liberal to ultra conservative and of every race, color, creed and sex. Remember that old saying, “It only takes one bad apple.” ? That’s the problem. All it takes is one corrupt officer or one corrupt teacher/civilian/religious leader to ruin the reputations of everyone else affiliated with him/her.

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