International Literacy Day 2015: About That 16%

A beautiful reminder of how we can each impact the world. Bring hope to those who believe there is none, open a book before them and teach them how distance is not measured by miles or kilometers, but by their entrance upon the landscape when measured through knowledge.

~ by coffeegrounded on September 8, 2015.

5 Responses to “International Literacy Day 2015: About That 16%”

  1. Thanks for spreading the word!

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  2. Thanks for reblogging this. My greatest joy, long before I could read, was to look through the books as Mom read to me. That started my life long love of reading.

    Books educate, but they also take the reader on adventures, safaris, trips to the moon and back, and even into the future.

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    • Thanks, Vicki. I saw her post, and not unlike yourself, it sent me to thinking about the impact books have had on my life.

      I love seeing a child with their head in a book. :)


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