We Own the Night

What if mayhem broke thru and shattered the stillness of your night?  If mortar shells began an assault, shattering the concrete abutments that once provided silence and freedom from unexpected terrors…

Would you gather belongings in your haste, or would your fear consume you to the point of utter distraction and tear you out upon the street, running aimlessly?

Your neighbors, would you gather around their doors in hopes of securing numbers in safety?  Could you contain your panic and focus on necessities needed to insure hope with your unexpected travel?

What would you bring into that horrid rampage of the night?  Shoes, water, fuel?  So many things to consider, such little time to think.  The seconds explode upon the clock face, panic ensues and tears flow heavily down the screaming faces.

I think about the refugees’ fleeing those war-torn countries.  Fleeing through the night, hoping against hope that those they meet at the border bring promise of shelter, food, water…

Or is there a tent city, a train, razor wire and an onslaught of interrogations fueled with mistrust and burgeoning burdens too great to endure this massive refugee count?

Are these fleeing from the night simply fleeing from one to another?

The mere thought of their exodus conjures up visions of those trains boarded, families separated.  Dark journeys, unknown destinations.  False promises.  Dead ends…

I read about, The Death Camps in my innocence of youth.  I learned of them in the safety of a harbor where food and water were aplenty.  These were stories of unknown terror, read while I wrapped myself within my blanket of safety.  I look around me.  Comfort within my zone.  I am helpless to help and so I write…

This is a note to those who traverse a landscape amidst the agonizing anxieties of the unknowns that await them…

I fear for all of us.  Whether you wish to accept this or not, each and everyone of us have a responsibility to look at the direction our footwork takes us…

This is the night we must acknowledge.  We own the night.

~ by coffeegrounded on September 12, 2015.

15 Responses to “We Own the Night”

  1. Written so beautifully!

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  2. I want to own that I’ve missed your beautiful writing. I also want to own that I’m glad to be here today. Thank you for this amazing post.

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  3. Beautifully said. So many of us go through life thinking this like this only happen “over there”, “far away” and go on about our lives. The truth is this time it is Syria…how many before and how many to come. None of us are safe. Especially of none of speak out and stand up.

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  4. we go through so much to rationalize the suffering of others, to make it their fault so it can’t touch us, and so we don’t have to have responsibility for it. your message is needed.

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    • Thank you, Anna. If we fail to care for others, how can we truly change this world? We discount our own lives if we fail to see our connection. We need each other if we are going to carve our way toward peace.


  5. In these times of world turmoil, how long before our safe blankets are ripped away?

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  6. We read the newspaper articles thinking it’s a problem that they face, like it’s something that can’t or won’t affect us. But it does. Always will. And the truth hits us only after it’s too late to turn back.

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  7. If only the entire world were as compassionate as you. Maybe there would be no need for people to flee their own homelands.

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    • What a dear thing to say Sharon. My heart is truly broken over this exodus. What have we gotten ourselves into? I think we put ourselves into Syria four years ago, with no idea who the good, or the bad were. In an effort to form alliances we maimed our allegiances.
      What will it take to shelter and house so many and how can we expect the European Union to endure the massive influx of refugees without help from outside sources? We can’t, nor can we turn a blind eye to our grievous and arrogant mistakes. We have a great amount of work to do to reconcile the innocent. Saudi Arabia must no longer martyr themselves by refusing to offer aid. They are using refugees as cheap slave labor to build their glorious grand avenues, shopping and cultural centers, all the while ignoring the very angers of hope.

      Thanks for listening to me ramble.

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