Coffeegrounded and FloridaBorne

Seize the day if the opportunity ever presents itself! Yesterday I visited with a dear friend and blogger over tea, soup, and of course, coffee. FloridaBorne lives in Florida, and I can be found at the nearest coffee station close to the tarmac of DFW airport.


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Two on a Rant


After several days fighting off strep with antibiotics that would choke a horse, I am back among the living (sort of).  

Coffeegrounded and I planned to meet on Saturday, but my daughter would’ve had to peel me out of bed and carry me into the restaurant.   It wasn’t that we were concerned someone might mistake me for a dead body and call a coroner, but that I would pass along strep to a whole bunch of people who didn’t deserve that level of bacterial hell.

We were going to meet 1/2 way between Dallas and Oklahoma City.  Instead, one of the kindest people I know drove 2 1/2 hours to meet me at a Pandera in OKC.

 This was the first time we met in person.  We sipped on soup and talked for 3 hours as if we were old friends.

Kudos to my daughter, who sat alone for 3…

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~ by coffeegrounded on September 21, 2015.

6 Responses to “Coffeegrounded and FloridaBorne”

  1. Yay! Glad you guys had fun. Meeting new people can be awesome!!!

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  2. I’d love to meet other bloggers too! :)

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