Yesterday’s Mischief Makers…

We set off to run errands. Hannah errands, actually. I should just admit that some days I simply say to hell with the housework, laundry included, and I put my best friend in the car and we set about finding mischief.

We ran thru CVS drive-through to pick up some of my meds and to beg for the usual dog biscuit. FAIL! They were out of treats.

Starbucks redeemed her spirit though when they gave her a Puppy Whip. It’s a small cup container filled with whipped cream.

Across the railroad tracks and we head into Southlake. The outdoor shopping mall is always fun. There are fountains galore and hundreds of shade trees. Unfortunately they have no outdoor drinking fountains. Hannah drank a bit of my iced tea as I cursed myself for not having brought along her collapsible water bowl and some water. Finally, I recalled the Whole Earth Provisions Store allows dogs in their store. I took my girl in and she made a group of newly found friends, all human and eager to dote upon her. Someone snagged a dog treat for her and everyone took turns petting her.

This picture was actually taken a bit earlier. We visited Three Dog Bakery before our walking pursuit. Seems they are in the process of doing a Facebook gallery and they wanted her photo. I expressed sadness that I’d miss seeing her posted and that’s when they kindly asked for my email so they could send her posting to me.

The girl is worn out. Now resting with a full tummy of treats and back inside to the cooled air conditioning.


"Yummy for my tummy!"

“Yummy for my tummy!”


“Hi, my name is Hannah. Let me teach you about life:  Give a dog a bone and they will follow you home.” …words of wisdom brought to you thru Hannah’s, yet to be written book, Canine Collections.

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~ by coffeegrounded on September 23, 2015.

16 Responses to “Yesterday’s Mischief Makers…”

  1. What a sweetie. I love my Bailey just this much also. What would we do without their unconditional love?!

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  2. Hannah is so cute and lovely…wow. check out my recent post titled “Dragon’s Loyalty Award” I nominated you for this award! Cheers.

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  3. Hannah is so outgoing! Rally would never ‘take candy from strangers’.

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    • Hannah can be reluctant in certain circumstances, but the bakery is her absolute favorite place to visit. Everyone there knows her and greets her the minute she comes thru the door, of course they overload her with goodies and love on her like crazy. The employees are extra special folks, every dog is a VIPuppy!


  4. Awe! Such a beautiful dog!!!! I never realized how many places have dog friendly things you can order! That’s awesome!

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  5. Ya gotta keep that tummy happy!!

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  6. Who knew Starbucks had puppy whip? Cool Blog, Light and Love, Shona

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  7. A loving relationship – you’re both very lucky.

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    • Thank you, Sharon. I have to say, there are so many wonderful people in this world, just show up with a dog and watch the magic happen.
      We are blessed. We rescued each other.
      You, too, are a blessing. Have a beautiful week. ☕️❤️


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