Robert Golstein’s, The ‘Respect’ Award, Recipient

(In my haste, I consistently referred to Melinda by the name, “Melanie.”  My sincere apologies to you, Melinda)

I am blessed to have been awarded Robert Goldstein’s, Respect Award, from Melinda, author of, Looking For the Light Blog  .

Robert Goldstein’s

The ‘Respect’ Award

Clarion Alley 2012

The “Respect” Award is my personal award for fellow bloggers who consistently reach out to other bloggers, offer support, are kind, struggle to understand differences in people, and who treat themselves and other people with kindness and respect.

You don’t have to do anything for this award.

You can choose to copy the Award Picture and give the award to the people who have earned your respect or you can do nothing.

This is my way of saying thank you. You have earned my respect.  – Robert Goldstein


To be awarded this is more than humbling; it’s awe-inspiring.  I met Melinda a few months back, discovering that we both live in the North Texas area.  We have yet to meet, personally.  My sweet, dear friend is fighting a courageous battle with Lyme disease, an overwhelming case that leaves her weak, but never broken in spirit.  And, it is her spirit that drew me to her blog.  How can one not be drawn to a light that beams brightly?  Light brings energy, guides and enlightens, and such is the life of Melinda and of the author and founder of, The ‘Respect’ Award.  I encourage everyone to discover bothMelinda and Robert NOTE:  Melinda has had WordPress issues and is currently attempting to navigate her blog from over to lookingforthelightblog.wordpress.comRobert can be found at


I can’t think of one of my followers that do not deserve to be honored.  Each of you bring a joy that only YOU can deliver.  I sat for a long time trying to make a decision, and in that period of time I told myself I could only choose two from over 362 of my followers.  Below, you will find Ann, she is dedicated to helping those who suffer from Mental Illness.  A professional counselor that hails from the Boston area of Massachusetts.  Follow her positive and altruistic blog and you will discover how she illuminates the world of those she works with, as well as those who follow her blog.

Next, meet the gentleman that is dedicated to honoring all our Veterans, both within the United States, the U.K., Australia, and points beyond.  Take a history lesson from each post.  He is networking with other Vets and historians to bring us knowledge learned, forgotten or never made available to us before.  Truly a guardian for all of those that have served their countries.  I feel honored each time I see a posting from G.P.; I am more informed than ever before, and therefore, honored to acknowledge his work and the work of those who submit their stories.

Thank you to Ann, G.P., and to all of you for your support, love, and the illumination you bring to my journey.  I am blessed.

Ann Koplow

GP Cox


~ by coffeegrounded on November 15, 2015.

40 Responses to “Robert Golstein’s, The ‘Respect’ Award, Recipient”

  1. Congratulations. You’ve earned it.

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  2. Awe! You deserve it hun!!! Love the positive spin on the award!! Beautiful! Good job dear!

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  3. Well deserved. If only we could all share the love…

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  4. What a beautiful award, given to a beautiful person and blogger. I always appreciate your kind words on my posts, and I’m glad to see your supportive nature honored in this way!

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    • Thank you for your kind words. I have been blessed by my readers, our readers…we are all in this together… I wish I could have honored all.
      I love opening my blog each day, knowing that joy, hope and acceptance, fall freely from these virtual pages.

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    • Agreed. It’s quite a community, and I only wish, as you put it, the joy, hope and acceptance found in the blogosphere could “infect” the real world. If support were contagious, we’d have the most comforting epidemic ever.

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    • Keep that thought. Nothing is impossible when built on love and respect.

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  5. […]  fellow WordPresser  coffeegrounded did the coolest thing: she honored me with the coolest award (even though I don’t do […]

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  6. My husband says respect is above love. You might get angry at a person you love, yell at them or call them names, but respect keeps you back from all these things. I just had to follow your blog, because I LIVE for coffee :) So the name was very attractive to me. Now I see there’s a lot of goodies around here :)

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  7. Well deserved nominations and nominee!

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  8. Congratulations on the award and thank you for your kind comments. I’m also left a little speechless by all the love…:)

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    • I think we humans find it difficult to accept graciousness when we live chaotic lives within our minds. Your loving spirit shines brilliantly. I am thankful to have received the ‘Respect’ Award and am thrilled that more people will come to know your brilliance. ☕️❤️


  9. I am so honored for this, especially coming from somebody I respect so very much. <3

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  10. I am speechless, but I’ll try. You know I do not usually accept awards. I sincerely hope I live up to all that you said about me. Thank you.

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    • I want others to see your work. I have no doubt you can, and should accept this award. If you need help, just drop me a line at my email, or write a note within my acceptance post.

      Thank you, GP.

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  11. Congratulations! Also thanks for the great blog suggestions, you are so right about GPCox and Ann who are brilliant!

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  12. That’s a nice motivation for giving an award! :)

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    • I agree. Robert has created at least one other award that I am aware of. I hope you will visit his blog and read about his careening and intense struggles he has overcome. His motivation is born from a genuine thoughtfulness of all people and a love for humanity that is boundless.

      Thank you for commenting. Enjoy a great week!☕️❤️

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    • I’ll go and have a look at this blog. :)

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    • He is a very gifted individual. Author, artist, advocate, and most astonishing, Robert suffers from a form of mental illness that few talk about and one that is greatly misunderstood.

      You will walk away from reading with a gladness in your heart for having discovered him and his creative genius.

      Have a wonderful week. Scatter the seeds of hope and peace. Thank you for your visit. Here, have a cup of coffee, my treat: ☕️❤️

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    • I had a quick look around his site a little earlier, and I’ll go back later after I’ve got all my must-do tasks sorted out for the day.

      Thanks for the coffee, by the way! It’s always very welcome.

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    • Here, have the last of the pot. ☕️. Meet me back here tomorrow for fresh refills. ☕️❤️

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    • Haha! Thank you. (I hope I can sleep tonight, though, after all that caffeine.)

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