Seriously addicted to food blogs, and every little item that makes them ‘happen’.  (SMILE!)

I wandered into the world of food blogging on a stumble, a fumble, a cue to explore another venue.  I’d been a contributing member of a travel blog for a few years, posting a recipe every now and then, but my foodie experience with the group was limited.  After all, we really weren’t that concerned about food (exception, dining to sustain the days of lolling about on our vacations).  We held a kinship of a world, separate of this one, existing south along beaches of white sand, water tranquil blue, and sea creatures exquisite and extraordinaire.

Time came, went, and I arrived at the realization that I needed something to engage myself within, and while  I still dearly love my connections from the past, it was time for me to move to another endeavor.  With my youngest daughter leaving to attend college this past fall, and my other daughter living hundreds of miles to the west, I knew I needed to engage in something that would allow me to wallow through the empty nest, and hopefully find a creative outlet to express my new awakening.

Stumble, fumble, explore….this is what you will find me doing these days.  I trip over all things, food, and at any given moment I might just know what I’m doing.  We just never know, but if you’ll come along on this journey with me I will allow you all that comes with knowing the inner me.  I don’t pursue perfection these days.  No!  I simply enjoy the journey toward creating.   Cookies, muffins and sweet breads have always been my favorite escapes.   Within the past two  years, I’ve begun a foray into sourdough bread baking.  This experience has become my favored quest.  Flour, water, and time create a universe within a world that forever requires change.  Nothing has been more life altering for me.  I find bread a journey, an art form, a beginning, an end, and most gratefully, a renewal.


40 Responses to “About”

  1. Love your journey, myself and my wife are also into everything good. From every kind of international food to baking bread and cookies. Love every minute of it. Enjoy your journey.

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  2. Very enjoyable blog. ~ Dennis


    • Thank you, Dennis. I’m eager to get to your book; I’ve long enjoyed your postings. I love how you gave ‘voice’ to the many who felt their lives ‘were burnt out, they didn’t count.’ You have helped so many to see that their life DOES matter. A true friend; they’ll never forget you!


  3. Hello, dropped in to thank you for the like on my post on Lake Boga Flying Boat museum. So glad you enjoyed it and it was great to get positive feedback. GG

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  4. Thank you for following and I hope you have a great day


  5. Hey, just happened across your blog. Decided to give it a follow. If you like, come visit me at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com to return the favor. Thanks!


  6. It is my joy to have discovered each and every one of you. I appreciate your visits and most importantly, our blogging friendships. :-)


    • My dearest friend
      So many emotions paralyze my body. You came home, wanting to protect your baby. God was holding your hand, he helped you see it was you that could harm. I could write for hours. You have stenght beyod words. Only a few take their painful experience and lobby, fight and work an initiative who will change so many lives. I’m in awe! I just want to hug you.
      I will follow the research and the new information you can use.

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    • Thank you, Sweetheart. I have been gifted beyond measure. So many live in shame, uncertainty and feel they have no where to turn. The genetic testing will reveal the propensity for those who are predisposed, and will verify the truth of those who survived.

      I hope you are well, my dear. Sending you loving thoughts.



  7. It’s great to be on the blogging journey together!


  8. Hi, I found you via the WordPress Showcase Forum and your blog looks great! EXCELLENT to find people cooking from scratch and who are passionate about food (I can relate LOL). I have yet to master bread though, gotta try harder!
    Happy baking, Happy blogging :)


  9. I am loving all the animal photos and your journey through Reinhart’s book (he is really a god of bread)

    Did you ever try out the cheesecake from my site?


  10. Fabulous pictures and your breads are gorgeous. You left a comment on my blog that you were interested in joining HBinFive. Sorry but I could not find an email to contact you privately. But you need to send an email to ms dot bigblackdog at gmail dot com with you full name, email address, blog name and blog URL. Then I will send you some additional info. Michelle


  11. I love reading your blog. Your lovely green garden is so beautiful. Thanks for the posts.


  12. Hi. I read your profile on the tester’s forum and it cracked me up! You sound like a great baker.


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