‘Searching, searching, searching….

keep those doggies searching’.  Sounds like a song, especially if you’re being entertained by my brain.  I’ve been on the hunt for ‘just the right’ items to mark a very special day.   The collection is a beautiful array of so many ‘possibilities’.   But the hunt doesn’t finish with THE FIND, it continues onward.  While we may have our pretty-little showcases, we still want the moistest  and yummiest center stage: 

I’m seeking simplistic, decadent cupcake recipes AND the perfect complimentary frosting’s.  (I’ve got a few on my short list, and even more in File #13.) 

Feel free to share.  ;) 




~ by coffeegrounded on April 20, 2009.

One Response to “‘Searching, searching, searching….”

  1. I think that we could fill the wrappers with mud and nobody would even notice because they’re going to be so cute!!


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