Something to crow about

not the photo, but the organic items that are flourishing this third week of April.  Actually, this quick-snap photo-op occured last Friday.  I’d promised the kiddo’s a pic-of-proof.

P.S.  Don’t forget your veggies as you whiz through that dorm cafeteria, M2.  And J., be sure M1 gets her vittles.  M1, spy on J. for me, will ya? 


~ by coffeegrounded on April 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Something to crow about”

  1. i absolutely love your veggie patch and how wonderfully it is laid out.


  2. She was chased away by the rooster, only to be cornered by the doggie and then forced into exile by the posssum. Poor, poor, kitty. As you can see, there is a plant right over the shoulder of Mr. Rooster, living proof that Ms. Kitty had been lounging, only to be discovered by this photographer.

    Poor, poor kitty!


    P.S. She is currently sitting upon her thrown, aka…the bed.



  3. where is the tub of lard that likes to sit on the plants? SHE needs to eat more veggies!


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