The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Bagels


Oops!  This is the bread bake for week #3, and we are now on week #4.  I really did bake these last week, I really, really did.  Seriously, seriously, I did this and I photographed it, but as you can tell by the non-edit from the previous post, I’m lagging behind a bit.

I’ve been  lax, not lazy, with the hum of visitors who are trying to cram dream vacations of Texas into their schedules before the blast furnace of Hades ignites and summer broils the concrete prairie.  As the last car pulled from the driveway this afternoon, I stapled the, NO VACANCY, sign above the flickering lights of the, Bate’s Motel , and quickly ran into the kitchen to grab sight of my calendar. 

Is the coast clear? 

Yep.  Those new appliances land on the 4th in the warehouse.  I’m off to count my bribe money.  That poor installer has no idea what fun and games he/she is in for.  Living without the, ZAP! from a working microwave, and a steady boil of a stove-top, can do strange things to a person. 

Thank the good Lord that the washing machine knows how to whirl again, I don’t think I could handle being robbed this week.  Once is enough, especially in broad daylight and a foreign territory.  All she had to do was ask me if she could borrow that $1.25.  I’m sure we could have worked something out, and if not, she could have easily had the magazine and a reading tutorial.  As it is, I removed myself as fast as I could fold those cottons and stuff their wrangled masses into the trunk of the car.  Fear smells bad, especially when I emit it.  And I do.  I admit it freely and without weapons wielded or a force four times my size. 

Don’t take this personally if it doesn’t make any sense to you.  All that matters is that I get it, or got it, or more importantly, lived through it.  And now, if you don’t mind, I’m planning on forgetting it.

I can always look back on, The Summer of 2009, as the season of all things:

Forgotten.  Cuz, well, somethings simply need to be trashed. 

Oh, those bagels? 

Three of them found their way into the compost pile.  I attempted to eat a few, but they were a tad bit chewy.  Okay.  That is an understatement.  I over proofed these babies in an ugly way, leaving them in the fridge to chill for an extra day.  I swung these items into that bubbling cauldron, praying for a miracle, but alas, I was on my own.  Oops. 

Somehow I don’t think Nicole had intentions of a stress-bake when she offered up this challenge. I sought out that ingredient and added it for my own entertainment.  Not having working appliances, and a few visitors, never kept me from offering myself more than I’d bargained for, after all, if we go around once, shouldn’t we go around,



~ by coffeegrounded on June 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Bagels”

  1. Ya know, he did state in the book that we could leave the bagels in the fridge for 2 days, but I had the same problem that you did with the few that I held back. Next time I’ll bake them all within 24 hours.


  2. Your sign in wouldn’t work? HUM, what do I do to change it?
    Thanks and happy baking to you too,


  3. Susie, these were fun to make, it was only the last part that I struggled to maintain their pure innocence. I’d made PR bagels before and I knew how wonderful they were. That man has a gift, a gift, I tell ‘ya. By the say, sweet lady, I tried to leave you a note, but my sign-in wouldn’t work on your blog this morning. Enjoy your day and happy bakes to you!


  4. Your bagels look great. I thought mine were a tad chewy too. It has been suggested to boil them less.
    Fun baking along with you,


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