What is this stuff….

….and why does it keep happening?


This girl drives me crazy.  She finds the most boring items, interesting, and to top it all off, she eats us out of house and home.  I simply can’t understand why she is allowed residency. 



On the other hand, this person makes me very happy and I’m so glad she’s home to play with me. 


Before I leave I have a special message for my other best friends.  This may not look like much to those that don’t know the story, but it’s an extra special Christmas wish that we make each year in tribute to our sweet friend Whippie-Nippy.  

One Christmas morning we found our best bud chomping on the likes of a Red Delicious.  He’d found it in his stocking and quickly began a ‘carving tribute’ to Santa, thanking him for all his generosity.

 P.S.  Mr. Whipper’s we didn’t have a Red Delicious, but a Granny Smith.  Enjoy!


~ by coffeegrounded on December 30, 2009.

One Response to “What is this stuff….”

  1. What cute little babies we have!!


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