Rest Stop

I’ve been forced to pull in and await repairs or replacement of my hard-driving CPU.  Actually, I think I’ll just chunk it and begin again, but until I do, anyone that visits me will find a bit of, ‘who knows what’?  I’m stealing photographs from my daughters and posting them as my very own while using my hubby’s system to do it. 

(Hey, it’s family.  They have to forgive me….er, tolerate me.)

My garden is coming along slowly.  Well, let me restate that:  My seedlings are coming along VERY slowly.  Those expensive plants from the  nursery are looking wonderful, though, and I can’t help but wonder at what point they’ll fail me.  I think they were fed steady diets of nuclear materials, and since this gardener has given up the commercial systems and is relying solely upon au-natural experiences, it’s going to be interesting to see how we all get along.  The grass has already given up on me, but I have a very prolific sea of weeds that I’m secretly researching in hopes of discovering that they’re edible.  (Well, not really.  Seriously, I haven’t gone that organic, as yet.)


Oh, and I still bake bread, and I’m still eating it.  The proof is, in-the-pudding, as they say.  I weighed in at an extra eleven pounds just yesterday.  All the more reason for me to take a hiatus from the keyboard, the kitchen and the pollen-encased interior of this house.  If you need me, call me, I’ll be at the side of the house installing my new walkway.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by.  I’ll update you after my second hernia surgery and the purchase of my new heavy-duty hemi.


~ by coffeegrounded on May 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rest Stop”

  1. I think M2 was simply taking a pic of the castle and not of any particular person.



  2. who is in the disney world picture?


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