Take a seat…

It’s for your own good, girlfriend.

Time’s a wasting and you must be post-haste in listening to us.

Doctor’s orders…

Family’s orders…

BFF orders…

All of us.  Each and every one of us wants you to heal.  We know you aren’t comfortable. So heed our words:

Get used to it!  Life ain’t easy.  What did you think this was, a cake-walk?

Okay, perhaps we are a bit harsh, but we’re trying to stiffen you up a bit. After all, aren’t these the same words we would hear echoed if we were down and out? I mean, if one of us were propped up in a chair, staring at the floor for the better part of three weeks?

(Sorry, but this pic will have to do.  We don’t have a photo-op of that item you’re been subjected to for the next three weeks.  Try to smile, for us.  Okay?)


We are trying to get through to you, even if it means playing rough around the edges.

We love you.  You mean the world to us.  Take good care of yourself.  You’re been there for us, now let us be there for you.

There.  We feel better.

Now take a seat.  Get well, and know that perhaps distance stands between some of us, but not all.  Allow those who can, to help, and those that can’t, to give thanks to those that can.  We hope you find comfort in knowing what it means to have you as our friend.

We want wants best.

Now take that seat!

~ by coffeegrounded on March 10, 2011.

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