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Sunday, the start to a new week and Day 19 of Jenni’s,, challenge of getting us to write for each day through May.  Today’s quest?  “Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.”


I have a list of favorites that make my head spin.  Counting down to five is like a torturous assignment, I mean really, I began as a food blogger and how on earth do you expect me to contain myself to only five, Jenni?

“Jenni, can I have a private moment with you?  I’ll bring food, recipes, and this list of foodies that come bearing gifts with every post they write.”  ;)

Okay…in no particular order I will pick five, because I am a law-biding citizen.  Four I will post simply because I got a hat out and wrote names on paper, held the top hat above eye level and plucked.  There was, however, one that stood out above the crowd; no hat shake needed.  She is the grand-prize winner, above and beyond all others.  Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy your visit: The writer of this blog is M1, my daughter.  (She also authored two other blogs, but this is her latest).  M1 is an artist.  (One of her accomplishments was a piece that was showcased at the Texas State Capitol building in Austin, TX.,when she was in high school.)  She is also a photo enthusiast, and from time to time I’ll read the newsletter (she contributes articles and compiles it every other month), for the winery she works for in the Lake County, California region.  Okay, but honestly, how do you put love in a box and then attempt to define it?  Yeah.  I knew you would understand.  :)  “THANK YOU”, Megan, for all the joy you bring into my world!  OMG!  Do you enjoy food?  Love photography?  Enjoy learning, I mean, being educated?  SERIOUSLY.  One look and you will see how easy it is to become smitten with/by  Jennifer Yu.  I was amazed when I first discovered her blog and I thought I’d write to her, personally, just to let her know how significant I found her…all of her, food included.  When I opened my email box and found a lengthy reply, thanking me, but also sharing a bit of her personal world, I was beside myself.  Oh, and she resides in Colorado, photographs beyond there from time to time, but it’s those Colorado photo’s I hang my heart on, especially the ones from Boulder Canyon.  (I LOVE YOU, Jenn!)  OMG, times 2!  Meet Susan, she can do anything she wants with flour and water.  ANYTHING.  The girl won my heart when she built her own backyard oven.  Can you spell t a l e n t e d?  Multiply it by a thousand times!  She is responsible for featuring bread/pastry bakers the world over with her weekly feature: YeastSpotting. How on earth this woman does what she does, is truly amazing.  The amount of time it must take in the compilation alone, is beyond me, but to do this week-in, and week-out? Oh girl, you be amazing, one very amazing, chick!  ;)  (LOVE YOU, TOO!), Okay, I’m in love with David, too.  It’s a serious connection, silent, but serious.  Besides, I don’t want to make waves with his Number 1.  R., I just be joshing.  It’s only the food I care about.  SERIOUS, Babe, don’t get so wound.  He really doesn’t know me, other than by my alias.  Seriously.  We’ve never even met.  He lives in France, I live in Texas.  Okay, you just have to trust me on this.  ;)  Why do I ‘like’ you David?  Well, just give me one reason why I wouldn’t?  The brownies are good, the ice cream AMAZING and writing about CHOCOLATE is ILLEGAL, but you went for it, ANYWAY.  ;) (You already know that I love you.  Tell R. to get over it.  We’ll never meet.  What are the chances of me being dusted in flour, caked in chocolate and dripping from ice creams?  Besides, I’m not a COUGAR.  ;) Floyd Mann is….  How on earth can I describe what it is that makes him (and his precious wife, Dorota), extra-special?  I’ll try, but I know I’m going to come up short:  Code Man. Bread Man. Family Man. Educator.  Dedicated to helping this world become a better place by having us share our bread-breaking and baking.  His website is a plethora of information for any baker.  This is a bread forum that unites the world. Visit!  You will not believe the number of resources available to you because this person (Floyd), felt compelled to make the world a better place by teaching that the knowledge we share, mends a broken world, reunites countries, divided, and gives all of us, HOPE.  (MY LOVE TO YOU AND THE FAMILY!  May blessings continue to flow.)


~ by coffeegrounded on May 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Blog Love”

  1. You know, I haven’t really read too many food blogs – a handful of health-food ones, but that is it. I will have to check some of these out!


    • Melody, I started with bread, cookies and muffins, M1, has encouraged me to move toward a healthier lifestyle, and at my age, it’s probably a wise thing to do, but it is so difficult to stay on track, sometimes.


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