Discovering a dimwit

I do most of my surfing at night.  By the light of the silvery moon.  And once upon a night, not too long ago, I discovered a genius lurking behind the blog written by Chris Hinton.

Today is Sunday, and I don’t know how many of you spend your Sunday’s, but mine are generally written on the “fly. I hate, more than anything to awake to a list of ‘must’s’.  I think that comes from years of commitments that came within raising M1 & M2, when the hours of sleep were precious, and sometimes few, and, or, the work contracts that would not afford flexibility.

Then along came, Jenni (, who has offered us the May Challenge of writing about all 31 days, assigning us a topic per day.  There are four Sunday’s to this month, and here is the fourth one, May 26th.  Our assignment, this day:


“Something you read online.

 Leave a link and discuss if you’d like”

Meet Chris Hinton, author behind The Dimwit Diary.  The very first post I read happened to be one written as a commemorative piece dedicated to a war vet.  As I read this piece I was a bit shell-shocked, pissed-off and mesmerized.  It took me reading through it twice before I could zip him a comment, and one that he felt compelled to respond to almost immediately.

As I tend to be, a little ‘slow’ around the edges, and not always able to convey the words that are tumbling around in my gray matter, I none-the-less, tried.

Let’s go look at Chris Hinton exploring the world of a wounded soldier.  If you need to re-read the article to grasp the gravity, then do so, but if you are a sharp-stick and find its beauty while read once, than move to the front of the class.  Whatever you do, share this link.  It is a valuable lesson, delivered sharply humored.  Perhaps to hide the pain of the two participants, “Bruce” and Chris.


~ by coffeegrounded on May 26, 2013.

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