Sharing times two, these are new…


the corner of the garden




P1170016 P1170017


There is splendor in the quietest of places

~ by coffeegrounded on April 17, 2014.

14 Responses to “Sharing times two, these are new…”

  1. SO pretty! They don’t even look real!


    • His handiwork is amazing! I can’t believe that precious plant made it thru this past winter. Oh, by the way….you are prettier! Love you, Mom


  2. Gorgeous clematis! One of my favourite garden plants.


    • If I could, I would plant them everywhere! That would be greedy of me, and besides, how on earth could I decide upon which one to add to the garden. ;)


  3. Such a beautiful plant! And you present it well.


    • They are such graceful gems, and when I purchased her I wondered if I’d be lucky enough to witness her majesty. Each year she blesses me with greater abundance.

      Read your latest. Girl, you got, The Gift!


  4. They’re beautiful!


    • Thank-you, Bree. After our most unusual winter, I feared for this tender beauty.


    • Down here in Australia, I had the opposite problem: leaves literally burnt brown by the scorching sun. I had to prune the top 20cm off most of my shrubs, and still there are some leaves which are mostly fine but have a burnt inner portion. Each day I’d be out in the morning, jerry-rigging shade clothes from sheets! Still, we survived.


    • The true mark of a gardener is their willingness to go the extra mile to save a favored plant. I love my clematis and am always amazed at each New Years new growth. I have a small variety crape myrtle that keeps the clematis feet in the shade. And since I grow organically, both get fed from the composted yard and kitchen scraps.


    • Me too! Organic gardening with home made compost, I mean. I need it, here – clay soil :-( One of the highlights of my day is picking veggies from my tiny patch and adding them to my dinner :-) I compost kitchen and garden waste, but am fortunate to live in a council area which has a “green bin” so extra leftovers get composted by them, instead of me.


    • Composting is a reward all it’s own! I’ve been doing it for over thirty years. It makes clay soil workable, and sandy soil manageable.

      We currently live in Texas and are in the midst of a drought. Watering is rationed; currently we can water two days a week and only at certain hours. Using composted materials and mulching allows us a chance at beating the odds. :)


    • You’d thrive down under, then :-) My parents, who are semi-retired, have a hobby farm and grow most of their own food. They’re mostly vegan, except for eggs from their chooks (hens) – the most spoilt hens in all of Australia! I wish I could have chooks; they eat anything, and I just love them. Still, these are the sacrifices we make at times in our lives. One day I’ll be in a position to have chooks again.


    • Never give up on your hopes and dreams! As we grow, life may throw us a few curve balls, we may have to adjust or alter a thing or two, but it’s that bit of hanging on to hope that keeps our dreams alive. :)


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