It’s time to see

(The above header pays tribute to one that is gone, but never


Sydney Hoberg, 2012

What that sleigh threw down your chimney.  Actually, I’m one ahead of you.  I opened my gift weeks ago.  Promised the giver of gifting that I would post a picture so that he could post it along with other happy winners of his contests.   I’d won a t-shirt for a reply to a post. Now here’s where things get dicey:

I kept putting ‘Picture Day’ out of my mind, trying ever so hard to see which one of my girlfriends I could get to pose as ‘me’…it soon became obvious that they didn’t want to be identified, nor would they shed light on how they had become nefarious criminals. (Hmmm?)  Well, into another bout of pneumonia, drugged with antibiotics, steroids and several inhalers, I finally found my way into diving off the cliff.  Drugs do that, you know. Even those meant to make you heal.

Let me warn you!  This was also my first attempt at learning how to do a selfie.   Forget the arthritis and the lost spring in my step, I was simply clueless, and you will note, I don’t seem to have self-taught myself much within the hours spent struggling at my new craft. (Short lived, I might add.)

Scared to death that the photos would be posted all over the Internet, I pleaded and asked if I could mail them to an address other than the public WordPress account at:  Tom offered a legitimate address and I tried three times, maybe four.  Then I just decided I’d go rogue and invite the world into my bathroom, my living room, and the backyard.

The shower curtain offered up some worthless advice.  “Lady, your daughters have more of a clue then you’ll ever have.  Have you no shame?”

“No and why don’t you just leave it to me and Mr. Mirror?”


Asking the mirror for advice…damn thing was clueless…

The mirror operator

I found a serial photographer for this shot…the dog.  Labs can do the most amazing things if you dangle a rib eye anywhere within inches of their nose.


Where does one look while filming themselves?


Let’s try this again…


One last chance to get it this time, just because is an organization dedicated to feeding and finding homes for those cats that have been abandoned, neglected or worse.  They are a, “No Kill” shelter , sometimes housing anywhere from 15 to 20 cats at a time.   “Thanks,” to  Tom and his wife, and all that are as dedicated to helping: house, feed and nurture, our feline friends!



~ by coffeegrounded on December 25, 2014.

42 Responses to “It’s time to see”

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love you! you are so wonderful to do this! It looks great on you!

    • That damned plastic surgeon bailed on me, claimed he didn’t know where to begin.

      Best buds refusals to pose for me? I reported them to Starbucks. More people consume coffee than milk. Thought their mug shot’s would get more exposure that way, seeing as though I’m offering gift cards for, “if you see this person…..” Their mugshots will eventually be noted; their faces are plastered all over the side of the cups.

      I’m glad you are enjoying your Christmas gift. Please assure the wife I’m not a Cougar, I am married and living in Canada is not my cup of tea. 👵 living in Texas isn’t either, but once a Texan, always a Texan. Not my words, but his. :)

    • LOL, not to worry my wife is not the jealous type and I think there are enough miles between us that it should be safe. I’ll re blog your post a little later. Thanks again for doing this. It’s very brave of you. :-)

    • I was high on pneumonia meds… ;)

    • Sure sure! “Pneumonia” meds. I’ve heard that one before. Now that I’ve seen you, I know that your a party girl. Plus you Texans never do anything half way. ;-)
      Oh I just reblogged your post. :-)

    • But Tom, I only live here, and I only drink at church. Cowboy Church, held out at NASCAR races right up the road. I think we are only admitted to the drunken sermons if we bring an open Long neck, and a fresh one for tithing. I’ll have to double fact check that last sentence. My sister asked me if I wanted to get away from the sound of the race. She insisted upon taking me over there. We were suppose to have been invited for a raffle. Never happened! Either the cowboy giving the service forgot about it, or we walked out early. Some things are cloudy, real cloudy. This reminds me. I need to call her and see when Church week is.

    • Now that’s cool. A raceway church! :-D

    • Let’s just say it was a real ‘eye-opener. :)

  2. I’ll ask first, Can I reblog this on my site? I did after all promise privacy,(which you totally abandoned) :-D

  3. Reblogged this on Cats at the Bar and commented:
    Whenever I send out a piece of Cats at the Bar merchandise, I always ask if people could send me a picture. Not that I’ll post it, more that I think it’s fun to see my stuff around the world. Coffeegrounded did me the honor of going one better. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. :-)

  4. Loved this post!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing. ^^

  5. Darling you look fabulous! I can’t think of a better model than yourself for that shirt!

    • Do you need to borrow my glasses? LOL. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Enjoy a blessed Holiday Season!

    • I wear glasses and have been to my ophthalmologist just lately – you DO look fine. And I am not going to add “for someone your age” – You aged gracefully. You dared to, which is beautiful in itself. And you really ROCK the shirt!

    • Thank you for your sweet thoughts. I kept feeling bad that I hadn’t gotten a pic off to Tom, he was very quick to send my gift. Pneumonia really did have me knocked flat there for awhile, and I must admit. Pictures are nerve-wracking, not for wrinkles or weight gain, I have a vision problem or two that cause my eyes to cross.
      I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind, jump into a photo and take a chance from now on. Getting older grants us freedom to become who we really are.
      Thank you again. Enjoy your day.

    • I am getting older, too – starting my menopause now. I know I won’t have that fantastic hair which you rock in your pics, when my testosterone levels rise and my oestrogene dwindels away.

    • My hairdresser keeps asking if I want to ‘hide my gray’… “No Jack, i don’t.”

      Actually, I love each and every one of those. Just like the wrinkles and the weight gain, they tell a story. Some of it a happy and glorious adventure, and some not so great, but I kept traversing the terrain. I made it to the summit With the love of my friends and family.

      Thank you for your kind comments, and just let that raging and lowering cyclic event of your hormones beat the Dickens out on themselves. It’s miserable, but when all is said and done you will find a whole new you. :)

    • The “personal tropical climate” seems to pass me by still (but for a few very short singular visits) – and I can live without alerts for bleeding … Only my night schedule f***ed up is bloody annoying.

    • Yes, especially having to get up to change nightclothes because what you were wearing was now soaking wet!

    • It seems I am either not fully there, yet, or gave it a pass. Mild sweat attacks at night, only now and then an embarrassing one in public, standing in front of a McD Café counter and sweating, so that the people behind me in the crowd would fear their drinks were “baptised” …

    • LOL, too funny!

      Just don’t walk into a bank, carrying a large paper bag. Hehehe…

    • I only wanted to purchase a small bubble tea and the person behind me was the most obnoxious customer ever. I SHOULD have baptised his cappuccino!

    • Splish- splash, Baptismal bath! Girl, you are too funny…

    • FranHunny – F.Hunny … not such a surprise, is it?

    • Too cute😽

    • Not, that this is my real name – but it will do for the Internet.

    • CoffeeGrounded is actually my real name. I know it’s difficult to believe. ;)

    • I am a simpleton – I don’t do difficult.

    • Me too! ❤️

  6. What a good sport!

  7. That was excellent. She’s a great model for your CATB shirt. :-)

    • You silly girl! ;)

    • Life is too short not to be silly. Or maybe we get silly because it’s too long?

      I’m confusing myself…again. :-)

    • I’m confused too. It sure didn’t seem funny living at home with parents. The twenties had bits of funniness to them, thirty, and the birth of my two children had great sadness and the most wondrous of all joys. At forty I was told that I was to “find myself.” Well, someone forgot to give me the treasure map and those ten years led me on one hell of a search. Let’s just refer to that place and time as, clueless. The fifties came flying thru the window and once again someone mentioned that I’d better hurry and “find” myself. I quickly handed that quest off to my husband. He seemed to be the one that was all up in my stuff trying to let me know I wasn’t “finding” myself. My sixties finally brought me some piece of mind. I learned that I was old, needed to make time for finding myself and discovered I could do it without the hubby knawing on me. Three family deaths this year, two last year and I finally found the answer. I called up the cremation society and made and paid for my journey into the beyond. Up in smoke! I also wrote my will. Transferred my life insurance into prize money for my children. I laugh loudly and often, sometimes in the company of my pets, always with my friends, and truly and genuinely with my brother and four sisters. My greatest of all silliness occurs between my daughters and I. Do I laugh with hubby? Not much, he doesn’t think I have “found” myself as yet. I sure wish he could just get over the fact his measuring device does not operate, especially if he thinks he already knows the answer…the part about my cluelessness. After decades of marriage perhaps he should be searching inwardly rather than outwardly, but what do I know? I’m silly.
      So, I guess I have to admit that silliness arrived later for me, and for me it has become pure joy. Life is short. Don’t just stand there! Giggle with me. 😜

    • You might want to cut and paste your reply and turn it into a blog post. :-)

      A cliche I heard (a lot) as a child was this: If I knew then what I know now…” It made me look back at all the things I should’ve done differently. I took a good hard look at my personality and can see that in many cases I was better off not knowing then what I know now. :-)

    • A profound posting. I often here myself saying things my mother spoke. “One day you’ll see. One day you’ll have children”. Etc., etc.

      Thanks for the hint about posting my response as a post.

  8. Great job!!!!!! The shirt looks great on you!!!

    • Thank you. I photoshopped that woman into the post. I’m sure you’ll believe that after discovering I had no clue on how to do a selfie. 😉

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