The State of my Union



Gilbert Grape




Mom found me in a shelter.  There wasn’t any thing special about me, except that my adoption fee was three times the normal price.  Evidently that didn’t bother my mom, but my new dad was very curious about why she would pay so much for a shelter cat.  Her explanation was simple:

“Look at him!  He resembles both Ace and Whippie-Nippy!”

I would later learn that both of those felines had also been Tuxedo cats, dear to Mom’s heart and to M1 and M2’s.


Yes, I’m a long kitty-cat.


Oh no!  She has that camera phone out again.  How many times do I have to remind her that I don’t enjoy photo shoots?  There’s only one thing to do.  She’s going to have to work for this.


I’m trying to hide behind this C-PAP machine, but she’s got me cornered.


“Mum, aren’t there phone calls, laundry or vacuuming waiting for you?”


She’s not leaving, is she?



~ by coffeegrounded on January 20, 2015.

15 Responses to “The State of my Union”

  1. What a gorgeous furbaby! <3

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  2. What a gorgeous boy :)

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  3. Love this!! No rebuttal here.


  4. Magnificent and well worth the extra fee!!

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  5. Lili was also the perpetual kitten up until just a couple months before she passed at 17. When her mom Nissana was alive (I adopted them together in early 1998) she would wap Lili on the head to make her go away. Nissana was declawed when I got her so had to hit her with her paw to get her attention. She passed in 2007 at only about 13 but was possibly older as we don’t know how old she was when we came together. Then Lili decided she wanted to be an only cat and became incredibly affectionate. I let her stay that way or Diavolo would have come inside sooner.
    When I get a chance I’ll go back through your blog.

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    • They are just like humans, their own little personalities. I’m the only one in the family that Gilbert will allow to lift and carry him about. He’s my little cuddler too. Each night before we drift off to sleep, he is at my side, pummeling and purring.


  6. So beautiful. Is Gilbert really soft and silky to the touch? My Lili had fur like that….and fluffy pantaloons that fluttered when she “bounced” away from you down the hall. Only she was really tiny.
    He’s lucky to have you.

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    • Yes, he’s silky with the softest fur, and he has those pantaloons as your sweet Lili did.
      He has the sweetest personality to boot! We always say he will forever be a kitten; his antics can light fuses between the other two cats. All he wants to do is play and all they want is for him to go away.
      Further back, into the pages of my blog, I have photos of my other Tuxedo’s. Ace lived to be 16, unfortunately Whip died far too young, at the age of eight. The result of kidney failure due to the tainted gluten used in his special diet cat food. The brand was one of a few that was available only thru a vets office.


  7. Adorable. I have a feeling Kitty Whiskers is going to be that big! :-)

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