Amidst a Concrete Jungle


Perched high within oak

Squawking loudly to approach

Of encroaching folk.


I looked at my Lab

Saying, “We’ve invaded here.”

Sadly, we knew, “BAD!”

~ by coffeegrounded on February 8, 2015.

12 Responses to “Amidst a Concrete Jungle”

  1. How very beautiful.

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  2. Oh wow, I’d love to look up and spot that! :)

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    • Such a beautiful treat! Usually falcon or red-tailed hawk occupy the area. I can only imagine what they thought when they witnessed the size and brilliant colors of that parrot.


  3. Vivid and surprising! Beautiful.

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    • Living in suburbia, this was such a treat. Usually we will sight a coyote, possum or a raccoon, but the loveliness and unexpected beauty of the bird truly caught me off guard. I was so glad I had my camera phone with me.

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  4. An unexpected but wonderful photo!

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    • Just this afternoon, while walking the same route, I met the gentleman that owns her. He also has two other parrots, smaller in size.
      The young lady, in the photo, is twenty. She’s a red Macaw parrot.


    • Rather amazing that he can let them fly free and they return to him! What a trusting bond that must be.

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    • I really wonder if they are totally free, or clipped? My next question should I have the opportunity to visit with him again.
      (He explained to me that the Macaw is the breed of parrot that grows the longest tail feathers.)


  5. that is amazing and beautiful! Was it in the backyard or out during your walk??

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    • Two blocks up, one block down. Remember where the fire station is? One block up, living at the Spanish-styled home. That beautiful bird caught my attention about a year ago. They allow it out on nice days. Hannah and I are both mesmerized by her/him. I wish I would have had my other camera with me. Simply stunning! XO❤️


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