My Sanctuary, the Garden…


(These particular photos were taken on Sunday.  I’m hoping I can keep track on a regular schedule so that I can make garden notes.) Some of you will recall, from earlier posts, my enthusiasm at noting the greater numbers of bees, butterflies, dragon and damselflies that increase in number each year.  I also have a few small garden snakes, every once in a while, tiny, pencil-thick, grey-brown with white bellies.  Initially, I did the heinous act of killing them with the garden hoe, only to learn at how very important they are to the overall health of the natural ecosystems.  Gecko and Anoles lizards are most numerous, too, and are actually quite the entertainers.


Rustic trellis for the Pole Beans

Colorful wire cages for tomatoes and cucumber vines


At at the forefront,  my perennial herb section

Yucca plant was a mere root three years ago.  I’m growing it for my niece.  


Here is a lengthwise shot.  Note the plastic barrels slightly submerged, and yes, one appears to be a planter, it’s currently holding tiger-lilies.  They were planted eighteen months ago and are quite invasive.  I had grown hybrid and prized varieties, and was aghast when I learned the ‘ditch-lily’ would choke out those beauties!  I’m afraid I will be fighting the battle of this invader for years.  NOTE to the World:  stuffed beneath the greenery, in that large bucket, are the cast-offs that I’m turning into compost.*  


From top to bottom:  trailing sage, greek oregano, thyme and sage.


Fennel is perking up from her winter’s nap (forefront), three small dill plants and another tomato plant, forward of the herb garden.


*The black, semi-submerged buckets are two-fold.  Discarded banana peels, coffeegrounds, teabags, yard refuse, etc., are placed into these.  This is also my main means of irrigation for the garden.  While working in the garden, I will let the hose trickle, allowing the sub-surface to irrigate directly to the roots.  It may be necessary to hand water small plants until their root systems grow toward the underground source.  This is especially true of my onion sets.  You are unable to see them in these photos, but they outline the garden, eventually marigolds will also make their entry.  (Onions and marigolds help to keep unwanted bugs at bay.)

~ by coffeegrounded on April 1, 2015.

4 Responses to “My Sanctuary, the Garden…”

  1. I like that pretty pup that snuck into one of the photos ;)

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  2. Brilliant! A beautiful garden for living, not just for show. I look forward to seeing your garden grow.

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    • Thank you! Each morning, as the sun rises, and before the onslaught of the mosquito brigade, Hannah and I sit and watch in wonder as little lizards and insects interact amidst the morning dew. It’s my favorite place to have my morning coffee.


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