UPDATE! Entomologist, Botanist, Hobbiest, HELP!



Yesterday afternoon I received the following reply.  I waded out to the backyard this morning and quickly plucked that silken cocoon from the eggplant leaf.  One squish, from a flip-flop, sent this “unknown, and unwelcome”  guest off to the recycled bin of Life.  My many thanks to Mr. Steve Chaney, and to the folks at Texas A&M University.  (https://tamu.edu)

I am not aware of any beneficial insect that this cocoon would be, so my suggestion would be to go ahead and remove it from the garden. Happy gardening!!

Take the Earth-Kind challenge at http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/earthkind/ and learn how Earth-Kind your landscape is. Sincerely,Steve ChaneySteve ChaneyTexas A&M AgriLife Extension Service-Tarrant CountyExtension Agent – Horticulture 200 Taylor Street, Suite 500Fort Worth, TX 76196-0123Phone: 817-884-1944FAX: 817-884-1941s-chaney@tamu.edu

A photo for Steve Chaney.  Thanks for helping solve the mystery.  :)

A photo for Steve Chaney. Thanks for helping solve the mystery. :)

 Can you help identify my friend?

Someone came visiting a few weeks ago.


Stay tuned.  Hopefully I can document the transition, unless a bird or other critter finds her first.

He was bundled up in a silken cocoon.


I’ve kept a steady watch on him.






 He dines upon an eggplant leaf.


Thank you!


A photo-gift.  Thank you for helping solve this mystery.

A photo-gift. Thank you for helping solve this mystery.


~ by coffeegrounded on May 6, 2015.

12 Responses to “UPDATE! Entomologist, Botanist, Hobbiest, HELP!”

  1. Dude – I’ve got no idea what that is -(but I’m sure he’ll make a great kat snack)!😺

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    • Oh you silly cat! That’s why I locked my gate this morning. Breakfast was hours ago and lunch is a liquid diet today. ;)

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    • Thanks fur the warning! I’ll go next door and eat the fish in the neighbors’ aquarium! That angelfish has been taunting me and calling me names for months – he has it coming! 🐠🐠

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    • Go one street over and you can enjoy Koi. Once upon a time I had some, but the sand filtration system became too much for me to handle. Those bags of sand are HEAVY!

      Do you like opossum? I have those visit from time to time. ;)

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    • Hmm… Possum scare me (the last one that came around here was bigger than me)! But now koi – that sounds delicious!! 😺


  2. Wish I knew more about bugs to help you out. My guess would be some sort of caterpillar. I hope it doesn’t kill your plant.

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