A Lesson for Mom

(Click photos to enlarge them.)

My toys are out here, I know they are.  Surely the rain did not wash them away.


I see them, over there, in the grass!  My pink tennis ball and my green lob toy.  Yippee!  Playtime.


My lightbulb toy is in my dog run.  I left it there yesterday.


I promise I’ll steer clear of this fun splash pool.


And this one, too. 


And I won’t mosey over here, either.  I promise.



Where’s Mom?  (She got distracted again!  She went into her garden.  It will be awhile before she returns.  I hope she remembers we had a play date.)






I’ll teach her a lesson!


When she wants to go on a walk in a little while, I’ll teach her!




I can’t believe she would refuse to play with me!


(“Is Hannah upset with me?  I wonder why?”)

~ by coffeegrounded on May 21, 2015.

7 Responses to “A Lesson for Mom”

  1. <3 – sending lots to you. Also, A big sponge.

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  2. Hannah is enjoying the beauty and surprise of a thoroughly soaked, new-looking garden – why walk anywhere else?

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    • Yes, because we may need rescuing by the National Guard! Gosh, I wish it weren’t true, but there are so many areas that are flooded. I just returned home and there has been another torrential downpour. Heavier rains are forecast thru the weekend.

      The garden does look spectacular, almost tropical, but we know that summer heat will soon arrive. Things will wilt, die or fall victim to fungus, but in this moment, things are beautiful.

      Pray for those who are unfortunate. So many have lost, so much. I’ve never seen so much destruction between Oklahoma and Texas!


    • Margie, I’m so sorry to learn your area is in such distress. I only have a vague idea where you are in Texas, but we’re hearing about the tornadoes and flooding, so I guess you’re in the midst of it. Sending prayers your way for relief and safety.

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    • Thank you, Sharon. Our family is safe, just massive amounts of water. I dug small trenches toward the drains this afternoon. The ground is so saturated that the water just stands. The small trenches allowed quicker exit into the French drains.

      We live in the DFW area. Think airport, and that’s the area.


  3. Ah, story of my life….too much time in front of the “light box”, in the garden or with my nose in a book. Now where did I put that laser light Diavolo likes to chase? Wait, it’s bedtime so I’ll find it tomorrow….when I’m done in the garden.

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    • We mean well, we have the best of intentions! My poor doggy, her face says it all. I had to give up half of my roasted chicken at dinner just to get back into her good graces. ☕️


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