Send bug spray!


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I need a can, heck, I need a caseload!  Send the good stuff, you know the kind:  green can, found in the hunting aisle over at Wally’s World?

I’m vacationing in Northern Arkansas, land of the rice fields.  Boggy, humid, and a smorgasbord haven for the buzz and hum of that vile little creature that loves my O-Positive blood type!

Once I read a sure-fire remedy to ward these bloodsuckers off just by eating tons of garlic and onions.  I tried it.  The only thing it did was scare my family away.  Oh, and then there’s that other homeopathic remedy,  Oregano or Rosemary oils.  Geez-Louise, I imparted a chemical burn to my flesh and smelled like a pizza for a week!image

Next came my experiment with shoving fresh herbs into the pockets of my shorts, and creating a masterpiece crown from fresh Rosemary from the garden.  Still.  Nada. Zip. Zilch.

I can be organic to a point, and then I simply have to throw my hands in the air!  The thought of catching West Nile virus hits smack dab into the brutal reality of this season.

My chosen perfume of Summer is a hefty dose of bug spray mixed in with my SPF’s.  Kind of a manly sent, I guess, but I’ll proudly  go where others only dare.

Like, right here…in Arkansas.



~ by coffeegrounded on July 2, 2015.

8 Responses to “Send bug spray!”

  1. Anyone who looks at hot, arid countries can see that the best way to ward off bugs is with a full body covering and a veil. Wearing white with long sleeves does keep you cooler, too. There is a method to what we perceive to be madness. :-)

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  2. Ah yes, summer… the time of green leaves, colorful flowers and hoards of insects!!!! Do they grow as big in Arkansas as they do here in South Florida?

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  3. My husband is also O positive, also mosquito heaven. And he’s tried the same remedies, to the same results.
    We have a list of O pos folks. You’re all universal donors of course – he gave blood today to Red Cross because “They love his blood!” – but you’re only able to receive from other O pos. If you ever need a blood donation, let me know.
    The meadow over there by you is quite pretty. I missed you, glad you’re back. Hope your own garden is drying out a bit.

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    • Hi Sharon! Yes, it’s been a very busy start to the summer, off to California to my son (in-laws) graduation from the academy. No sooner were we home when we learned my nephew was offered an assistant coaching position with TCU. The family currently lives in Arkansas, thus the reason I’m here. Mama is due with her third child in August, moving company arrives sometime around the 26th of July. Thank goodness, luck was on their side. The Arkansas house sold in a week and on their visit to Dallas over the past weekend, they found a new home.

      I’m terribly sad I couldn’t bring Hannah, but hubs and my daughter will be there. That should cut down on some of her trauma.

      Take care, Sweets, it’s always so good to hear from you! ❤️


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