“The Year of Bill”

A tribute to her Grandpa


(Comments are turned off at this time.  I want to thank each and every one of my followers for their thoughts and prayers.  Feel free to post a note to Mallory.  I think she’d like knowing you were going to help her celebrate the gift of her Grandpa’s love.  My other daughter wrote a beautiful piece too.  Perhaps I can get her to share it.)

May all of you have a wonderful and prosperous, New Year!)


~ by coffeegrounded on January 5, 2016.

11 Responses to ““The Year of Bill””

  1. I will be here when you return.

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    • I’m home and working on a new initiative.

      The garden is being prepped, the house, well, it’s a mess. We’re doing a bit of renovating. Clearing closets, a bit of fresh paint and a whole lot of elbow grease.

      I hope this finds you well and living the good life.


  2. Hello my friend
    If been thinking about you often. With Lyme brain, I forgot.
    Hope so see you someday. When you’re ready, I’ll be here to welcome you back.
    Sending Blessing to you and extended family.

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    • Hello M, thank you so much for your sweet note. I hope you are feeling much better. I, too, have been thinking of you.

      Our loss was difficult, but we are blessed to know that dad was lifted up and removed from all his pain. I choose to think of his passing on Christmas Day as an extra special gift. From Thanksgiving until his last day, the cancer ravaged his whole body. I know now that he sits amongst the Angels, at the feet of Christ and is preparing for his most worthy endeavor yet.

      A day after his passing I would learn that a loved one from my family had also passed away. We had lost touch for many years, but I feel the blessing of their return and the glory of forgiveness within my soul. God is good!

      Please continue to take care. Keep your beautiful presence forward as a latern of hope for all who are lost or wandering.

      I love you,


  3. I miss you and hope you are working through all the grief. It takes time and patience, demands tears and other shoulders to lean on. May your memories fulfill you and bring respite and joy. Sending my love and support to you and your family.

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    • Thank you Sharon. We are celebrating a life well lived, a dear man who will always inspire us thru the rest of our days.
      Another tragedy came one day later. I have not lost faith, but have gained glory by knowing that no life goes without His promise of hope and eternal peace. God is good!
      I miss you, too, and I’ll return. Now is my time to grieve, celebrate and give thanks. Life is fragile, and blind faith must be our Master during times of transition. Love and miss you.


  4. Missing you and hope you are well.
    ^^ Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Iggy

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  5. I’ve been thinking of you and wondering where you went. Now…I know. You went MIA yourself and all for a good reason. I am so sorry for your loss and will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. The missing them never goes away, but the pain eases a bit and becomes more of a fond remembrance with a tint of sadness for missing them than just tears that they are gone. Hang in there dear!


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